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NextGen Gallery Effects Are Not Working

Are you having problems getting the amazing WordPress’ NextGen Gallery plugin to work properly? Let me guess, you are able to insert the gallery fine, but clicking on an image just links to the full size in a new window or tab instead of showing the lightbox or thickbox effect.

I recently had this problem too and it drove me crazy! What’s even worse is that the solution is so simple, but I missed it.

NextGen Gallery works by using WordPress hooks to insert code into the header and footer of the site, but it cannot do this if it does not know where in the header and footer to insert. Most themes already have this code in it, but if you were customizing a theme, or writing your own, you could have easily forgotten about it.

At the very bottom of header.php, place this code (or make sure that it is somewhere already).

<?php wp_head(); ?>

It’s usually not the header thats the problem though, so don’t be alarmed if its already there.

Open up footer.php and make suire this code is somewhere to be found. If it’s not, put it in!

<?php wp_footer(); ?>


Chances are your site was missing one or both of these code snippets, so good luck!

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